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Seven Beans with generous help from hubli dharwad corporation, Rural Development and panchayat Raj Minister, Shri Jagadish Shettar, Vidyanagar Corporator Shri Laxman Uppar planted 25 trees at old income tax office road, Vidyanagar. Our responsibility does not end with merely planting the trees but also barricading them, ensuring they remain barricaded and general maintenance and upkeep
Ab Bas
By successfully learning to defend yourself, you help to make India safer for ALL other women, because you prove, to at least one criminal, that NOT all women are easy prey. Its time you take care of your own destiny and safety. Ab Bas..
Beat Diabetes
Diabetes in India has a younger age of onset and there are increasing incidents of heart attacks at a very young age. This is a special awareness program with focus more on prevention especially in adolescents and teenagers... Find out what you and your family can do to avoid being a victim of Diabetes...